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The free services that we offer

All the below services that we offer are free for everyone and don’t contain any advertising. They respect your privacy and don’t exploit your data for commercial gain. We count on the generosity of our donators and our members to keep offering these services.


The social network is not owned by any one person or entity, keeping it from being subject to corporate take-overs or advertising. In September 2011 the developers stated, “…our distributed design means no big corporation will ever control Diaspora. Diaspora* will never sell your social life to advertisers, and you won’t have to conform to someone’s arbitrary rules or look over your shoulder before you speak.”

If you like liberty, you’ll like Diaspora*


How it works ?

Everyone can host a Mastodon server. Every server hosts its own accounts, the content that they produce,  and the content that they subscribe to.

Everyone has a unique global identifier (like composed of a nickname (@nickname) and of the domaine name of the server where he resides (

The users can follow each other, no matter where they are hosted : when someone follows someone else from another instance, the server then subscribes to that instance and will receive all new messages.

Why it’s cool ?

The servers work independently, thanks to different people and organizations, applying different moderation and good behavior rules, so that you can find the instance that suits you best. A decentralized network is very complicated to censor. If an instance goes down or start acting in an non-ethical manner, the network will not be cut, it will stay forever and you don’t have to worry about losing your friends and your audience by switching server.


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