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Our partners

And if we shared our knowledge for a durable digital transition ?

Tech4good.ch and Tech4good.fr is a program association with LIN, supported by CloudReady.ch, sponsored by NetSquared of TechSoup.org
It is destined to bring together the promoters  and curious of the durable digital transformation, and to promote fair and responsible digital culture in french speaking switzerland nearby France.

LIN: Léman Innovation Numérique is a large community  multi-disciplinary who gathers actors of the innovation in the region. It proposes ideas sharing, projects,  solutions and best practices in the world of digital innovations, with a durable and responsible orientation. this informal community allows actos to collaborate, to help themselves with goodwil, to collectively improve its skills and to become more visible.

Swiss French Observatory on Cloud Computing…

To share our apprehensions, our expectations and our understanding, to think on fair and responsible digial solutions, together.

DataGueule is a TV show and a broadcasted from june 2014 on France 4 and YouTube. It proposes animated videos treating actuality in a condensed and fun, and didactical way. Every weekly episode tries to reveal and decrypt the mecanisms of society and unfamiliar aspects.